#Wedding : Hasrul & Yaya (Reception)

Hasrul & Yaya ⎜ 01.07.2017 ⎜ Kg Kastam, Larkin, JB

Assalamualaikum. This was the reception for wedding Hasrul & Yaya which I shot for #ipstudio. This wedding was so sweet and simple. The colours of the pelamin, canopy and the dress really enhanced their photos when photographed. Here are a few tips I would like to share for future bride/groom.

  1. Choose white pelamin. White pelamin will always enhance the colour of your dress. You can pick any colour of your dress and the photograph will be beautiful. A little bit of green flower will do on your pelamin.
  2. Choose white canopy. This will help to reflect the sunlight and to enhance the colour of your dress. It will also help the photographer to balance the colour of your dress too.
  3. Choose low powered white spotlight. You definitely don’t want your face turns green right? A soft white spotlight will definitely help to enlighten your make up. If you prefer a warm light, just a little bit warm light, but not too green or blue.

So, here are the tips that will make your wedding photos beautiful. All the best!

Any inquiries please call/whatsapp : 0197506995

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