Tales Behind The Scene : Hani & Zaharul

Hani & Zaharul │25.08.2012 │ Setapak, KL

This was my first wedding job where I was hired by my friend, Hani. She was the “model” for my first trial of using the dslr, (mase tu beli nikon d5100 as my first dslr). I asked her “nak tak try photoshoot coz I jz bought a dslr” and when she agreed and she looked at the photos, she was happy. Then, dia pn hire me as her wedding photographer.

It was my first job, kat KL plak tu.. Pkai google maps utk carik masjid utk event nikah. I prepare everything and hopefully cahaya terang coz mase tu xbyk knowledge tntg photography. Luckily, everything went well. Dari nikah smpai outdoor sumenye alhamdulillah. Cume time outdoor tu sume belon dh meletop. Hahaha .. eventhough ktorg x jalan jauh pn untuk shoot outdoor tu .. tp the scene mmg cantik .. and lps outdoor photoshoot sempat lg lepak ngeteh.. dengan kawan diorg .. (x ingat name die sape .. tp nt kim slm k) .. and then, she was happy with the outcomes. It was my first album I created myself. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to support JoeAnna Photography.

Let’s see who’s the next client ……